I am struggling with this problem : like everyone in here, I use onscreen window (F8) to preview video and work frame/frame. I also can use a monitor in full screen. OK. But when I choose to enter fullscreen mode, my little “onscreen window” disappear…

So imagine, I set up my rig in a control room, with three monitors which I use for editing and mixing. I have a forth monitor in a voice recording booth for ADR.

And I want to display the video for the actor in full screen, while keeping my little onscreen-window. How can I do that ?

Because I don’t need the full screen video at control room, I wish i could keep the video in a window I can move all around, still having Full screen video on a dedicated monitor.

I hope you guys can help… I am about to buy a video repeater to clone one of my monitor in full screen-mode and the one in the booth… I hope i don’ have to “sacrifice” my workspace for that…


Do I need a blackmagic mini monitor deck for exemple ? Or another video card ?

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thanks guys.


This isn’t possible with any daw as far as I know. It’s either or.
So perhaps it’s possible with mirrors screen outputs (depending on OS and setup). Otherwise you have to use another application to show the second video that the other screen like virtual vtr or video slave or similar.
Or you can do as many pro studios do, dedicated video card and a hdmi split to send the signal to multiple screens.

It’s actually possible on mac (but not at all officially supported and may or may not work on your setup and version) to make a copy of the actual application and run two instances of Nuendo at the same time (use a digital audio I/o to look back tha audio channel to vet sysstem link). I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but may work in an emergency.

get yourself an hdmi splitter 4x4 and route your video in any way you wish.

Something like this may or may not do what you want and/or go horribly wrong… :wink:

When I had the Mac Pro tower, I had a Blackmagic video card that I used to output to the ADR booth. I fed another output to my overhead monitor. The new Mac Pro forces me to output to the ADR booth from the HDMI output, and the overhead monitor from a thunderbolt/display port output. If I toggle out of Nuendo for a split second, the video goes away and reverts to the desktop. This is very annoying, as I didn’t ever have that problem with the Blackmagic card. If you can get a dedicated video card, then that’s the way to go. It would be nice if Nuendo would address the HDMI output on the Mac like it did with my video card.


I decided to get the Blackmagic’s mini deckplayer and I am gonna split signals ! HDMI to 2xDVI !

At least it works in Hackintoshes!

Thx to all !!