Video playback when arranger is active.

I use Cubase 10 as my live performance sequencer. I have created in a single C10 project with all the songs we perform live. Each of these songs has an associated video. I use the Arranger Track to create a arranger port for each song and video. The reason for this is it allows me to create a set list. I can change the set to suit the performance. I don’t know of another sequencer I could do this with. The issue I have is that when the Arranger is activated the play cursor doesn’t follow the video, I have to stop and restart the sequencer to allow the cursor to locate and run the correct video. This is annoying, I would ideally like to press play and concentrate on my performance and not have to worry about stopping and starting the sequencer.
Can this be sorted please? If anyone has a work around solution I’d be very grateful to know about it.