Video Playback

I am trying to play a video but the player has not installed (QT pro)? I can import a video track and can see the cells but no player comes up and I cannot see which function key operates it? I have Studio 4 installed and F8 plays the video without problem. In Device Setup and Video player I get a red error message saying: ‘please update your gaphics card or switch to a more effective graphics’

Why would the video work in Studio 4 and not C6?

Any help gratefully recieved.



I have just been told that this is bug as a result of the latest update! Does anyone know if this is true? Any takers. :question:

I’ll offer something maybe…

Not a video-head here, however I have a grip on a few things regarding the video feature in C6… I think.

People are using QPro because it let’s you permanently edit the length of a video clip. The free version of Quicktime will let you play a video in C6. C6 let’s you edit the length of the video clip when you are scoring to video, but you can’t export the shortened video clip. The shortened video then exists only for sound editing process. Understood? Nuendo will do this, of course.

So you can shorten the video in QPro, drop the edited version in your C6, edit the audio, and then export the audio only. You still need to tie the two items together (shortened video and newly edited audio for it) - and here I am taking a stab because I don’t own QPro - but I believe QPro with allow you to add the newly edited audio to the video clip. And this ‘adding of edited audio’ happens outside of C6, within QPro, as I understand it.

OK, no video. Hm. Mine pops right up. I run a dual Radeon HD 3650 with 512mb of memory. It’s really a pea-shooter in comparison to other cards but it works great. Mine runs on a PCIe slot, BTW. Is your card PCIe or something else?
Certainly go to your manufacturer’s site and download the newest drivers. AMD has new drivers for mine every 4 months or so and it’s possible C6 is looking for better drivers. Worth a shot.

Also, QT pro helps in allowing you to export your movie in a different codec, different frame rate, etc etc. I have found Cubase finicky in that regard, and sometimes experimentation helps.QT Pro is not free, however-$29.95 from Apple.

Thanks guys. I am thinking drivers too? I’ll update and report back. It’s intersting though that QT etc all work in the same system on Studio 4?

I’ll keep you posted.

Yes, it could indeed be a graphic card issue. Which one do you have?
Cubase 5.5 and Cubase 6 require a OpenGL 1.2 compatible graphics card. Some graphics cards require an update of the graphics card driver to support OpenGL 1.2. Please look at the graphics card manufacturer web site for an updated driver for the graphics card.

It was in deed the graphics card. Now update and all sorted.