Video Player always visible


when using a second screen for the video player, the player disappears as soon as you switch to another application. I work heavily with Soundminer and having the video player to disappear every time I search for a sound effect is just nuts.

Nuendo is a top notch Post-Production software explicitly designed to work with picture and therefore I don’t want my video player to vanish all the time.

You can use a dedicated video card and you’ll get it. I use a Intensity Pro in a 3th monitor.

Why use extra hardware for such a basic thing? The Project and MixConsole window also stay up front without any extra hardware, so why not the video player too? Even the old dinosaur Pro tools can do it.

I proposed you a way to do this. I use a video card because it does the graphic tasks for playing video and I can do several video setups to send the video to different rooms.
It would be an option to maintain active the video window or course but it not, it’s a solution.

Also simply use Fullscreen mode - will stay as well.

But you are right - these things show that some parts of professional software development isn’t done right.

But it is still a workaround and one that comes with expenses. All I want is a built-in solution and as this is the feature request forum, it is more than fair to ask for such a feature.

Unfortunately Fullscreen mode isn’t working for me. The video play still disappears after switching to another application. Is it staying up front for you?

Yes - Windows 10 here

Well that’s odd, because I also asked about this problem in the “General” section of this forum and a Windows user confirmed, that this problem also exists on Windows. That’s why I thought it was built that way by design and asked here for a feature to change it.