Video Player - Can't open it

Hi there,

I’m getting a message in Cubase 10 Pro that my graphic card is either not up to date or needs to be upgrade to handle the video player in my projects. I don’t understand, I use a RX 580 up to date and my computer was recently upgrade…Can someone help me understand ? I work in post-production and never had this problem before. I don’t have the option to modify the video settings in cubase. The thing is I use the same license on another computer (my laptop) and everything works fine…

Please and thanks in advance!


Does this article help?

Hi there,

Not really, because the Radeon RX580 is not listed as being not supported by windows 10. And the problem happens inside the Cubase app. Everything is up to date driver-wise, so I really don’t understand…could it be that I need to assigne the graphic card to be used by cubase (instead of the default graphic card in the motherboard)?