Video player craches N6 64bit and not 32bit

Hi everyone, I just sent a message to steinberg support with details but has anyone experienced this ?

I’m on Win7 64bit, new machine so I only installed N6.0.5 64bit and as soon as I hit F8 - video player Nuendo crashes instantly, I installed the 32bit version of N6 to test and it seems to work fine…

Somehow, I suspect the Matrox m9140 graphic card (4 head display)

specs :
Intel mobo
i7 processor
32Gb Ram
Matrox m9140 (4 head display) graphics
Win7 64bit
Lastest quicktime version for pc
Nuendo 6.0.5 64bit (and now 32bit as well :slight_smile:

Any ideas welcome !
Best regards

maybe this will help. Nuendo 6 jerky video - #10 by Fredo - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

bye/ Tumppi

since upgrading to 6.05 nuendo won’t even boot unless I rename videoengine.dll no problem w 6.03

win 7 64bit
ati hd radeon 4350
16g ram
rme etc.

Thanks Tumppi, I had already read that thread, doesn’t tell me much tho…

To update this thread :

I managed to have video playing in N6 64 by removing Matrox wddm64_404_00_106_whql drivers and installing the xddm64_213_00_106_nowhql_se_u_w7 ones but it randomly and frequently crashes N6, even with an autosave every minute and manually saving as often as possible each time before hitting F8, this is a PITA.

N6 32 also crashes randomly but less often.

Apart from Matrox m9140 Graphic card, could there be something with UAD-2 PCIe or RME drivers/digicheck ?

Just for the record, I sent a support request on August 9th, received an answer today (19th) that’s 10 days later telling me that I checked the wrong field in my request (I checked Technical request instead of Nuendo support request - my bad). And a “sorry for the delay”…

Best regards