Video Player Keeps Crashing

my Video Player Keeps Crashing,
when I open it or click on it Cubase just completly freezes, I can’t find anything on the web about it. It didn’t happen when deactivating preferences at first, but then I opened the player where it worked and opened it again with all preferences. Crashed again. Then preferences deactivated and I open the same file. It crashed. It don’t really know what to do so hopefully someone can help :slight_smile:

What is the video format? In project setup is the frame rate matched to the video?

I actually can’t tell you anymore, but I guess they match. The thing is, I am at a point where I can’t start any project because it will always start the video player and the frame rate doesn’t really matter because even without a project loaded and just within the Cubase desktop (So I start Cubase, then don’t open a project but close the Hub, the open the video player) it still crashes.

We miss the basic information. OS, CPU, GPU, Cubase version and edition?

I’m not at my machine right now to test this, but if you try to open the video player without a project open - could that be the problem?