Video Player not found [SOLVED!!!]

I’m evaluating Element7trial on Toshiba notebookPC with Win7-32bit and Element8trial on DeskTopPC with Win7-64bit. Both having the same problem when I open Device / Device setting, it shown no Video Engine at all.

I have also activated the free bandled Cubase 8 AI comes with UR22. As expected it too shown no Video Engine at all.

Please help!

Can someone kindly confirm that you have successfully let QuickTime recorgnise by Cubase 7 or 8 under Windows 7 64-bit system.

I upgraded Cubase Elements from 7 to 8 on Windows 7 Pro 64-bits. I tried video import but nothing happened, no error message no video track. Then I read help so I installed latest free QuicTime (7.1.4.). After that I imported one video spot (mp4) with option to separate audio stream so I got two tracks, one video and one audio track. Press F8 to start video playback and it plays fine. On menu Devices–>Video there is only one player: “onscreenvideo” (just like in help file, operation manual). Then I do a litle audio proccessing and export new audio mixdown. On menu File–>Replace audio in video file I select same video and new audio file and got new video with new audio in it. So I can confirm that everything about Cubase Elements 8 and video works “no problemo” on Windows 7 Professional 64-bits.

Hi NinoZagreb, appreciate your reply and help.

I did search through this forun and web and tried all suggestion without luck.

I installed the latest QuickTime 7.7.6 Free as suggested. But you mentioned 7.1.4, in Apple web indicated as a quite old version? I have just tried too.

In all situation, On menu Devices–>Video there is only one player: “onscreenvideo” (just like in help file, operation manual). No indication that QuickTime is recognised.

In all situation, when I try <File/
import/Video files> , it just said: QuickTime cannot be initialized . . . . . . . . . .

I have made a little progress.

I uninstalled the Cubase 8 ai, going back to Cubase 7 ai version 7.0.6 Build 2231 64-bit and QuickTime 7.7.6 Free and QT can now be recorgnised. Import and place back of MP4 is smooth.

I’m going to try to upgrade to Cubase 8 ai.

Update 1: 02 May 2015 20:00

When I uninstalled the already working Cubase 7 ai, reinstalled the Cubase 8 ai, before I can check if QuickTime is recognised i faced another difficult problem: the menu bar is BLANK! "File / Edit / Project / . . . . . . . … . " are all disappeared ! Frustrated !

Update 2: 03 May 2015 01:23

Accidentally I found back the Menu bar ! ! !
If the User Account Control setting is set to lowest level the Menu Bar disappear. I just set it back to DEFAULT then RESTART the Windows, the Menu Bar appeared.

Searching on the web and Steinberg’s forum, using trial and error, tried all possibility, painfully working during last 3 days for many hours, finally I got Cubase Ai8 64-bit working fine on video import and playback with QuickTime on Windows 7 64-bit system.

  1. Installed latest version of Quicktime 7.7.6.
  2. Installed Cubase 8
  3. Check and made sure Window 7’s User Account Control setting IS SET TO DEFAULT.
  4. Check on the Property of Cubase 8 desktop short cut icon and all ****.exe files inside rogram Files\steinberg\Cubase AI Elements 8 \ and C:\Program Files\steinberg\Cubase AI Elements 8 \Components, mak sure NON OF THESE FILES IS RUNNING IN COMPATIBLE MODE OR OPEN AS AN ADMINISTRATOR.

That is all and it is working for me now. I have made my first test recording with video.

Hopefully this works for other users too. Good Luck!