Video Player Setup: Please update your graphics card driver or switch to a more effective graphics card

In new version of Cubase (from 10 to 10.5) I ran into a problem. In Studio Setup, section VideoVideo Player I see a message:
Please update your graphics card driver or switch to a more effective graphics card.
This imposes certain restrictions on working with the application (for example, when I start VST Connect the application crashes with an error, Crash Dumps see in Attachments), while in the previous version 9.5 I do not see this problem on my computer.
Is there any way to solve this problem or get around?
P.S. I will be glad to provide additional information or do any tests.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 1909 x64
SW: Cubase Pro 10.5.12
HW: Core i5-2430M, 16GB RAM, SSD
Cubase 64bit 2020.4.14 (728 KB)

Hi and welcome,

You didn’t mention your graphic card.

I believe the way how to solve this problem is to update your graphics card driver or to switch to a more effective graphics card.

I have Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated in CPU. Old or latest available drivers do not help. Moreover, according to the characteristics:

  1. The graphics adapter fits the specifications for run Cubase 10.5
  2. Works correctly in Cubase 9.5

Windows 10: Support of older hardware

Thanks for the link, but why do all the facts speak differently:

  1. System requirements fits for my GPU
  2. Previous version (9.5) works fine with video on the current system
  3. The driver works fine in the system, including in other applications (see paragraph above) and it is newer than 2015.

It is more like someone will not give what they say.

Frustrating, I know, but the fact is that Intel no longer support the HD Graphics 3000 under Windows 10.

It’s not that Intel doesn’t release a driver (it’s clearly indicated on the website to contact the manufacturer for the driver), in this case the driver is provided by Microsoft:

but the support is declared on the Steinberg’s website and it was simply cut from Cubase 10.
Therefore, I would like someone from the Steinberg company to comment on all this.

Based on Intel’s own information on their website, the i5-2430M is a discontinued Sandy Bridge (“2nd generation”) processor which does not support Windows 10.

Yes, about Intel and their driver I described above. It is their decision to stop the development and delivery of the driver. Now it does Microsoft (here is an example).


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