Video Player

Are there any alternative video players that can be accessed with Cubase 10. I find the stock player with Cubase 10 to be very hit and miss as to whether it plays very standard mp4 videos or not. The alternative is Nuendo which is out of my price range at the moment.

Good Question CH4,
I am also having issues with the video player, particularly trying to play videos from a Gopro 7. It would be nice if Cubase could play these properly. At present I am using Pinnacle Studio to turn them into Quicktime 720p to compose in Cubase and then exporting the audio only and combining this with the high res video in Pinnacle.

It would be great to see what other people do to cope with this.


What is a standard mp4 file ?
GoPro certainly does not produce anything standard.

You are right about that Peakae! MP4 files created in Cubase don’t even play well in Cubase on my system.

MP4 is just a Container, what is inside can differ a lot.
Cubase and Nuendo have a limited support of codec, resolution and frame rate.
If you follow the recommendations

There should be no problem transcoding video material to a work copy.