Video playing back too fast

I just tried to import a video with timecode and a clicktrack embeded. It’s a 24 fps quicktime format h 2.64. When I try and play the flow back the video is playing back way too fast-almost twice as fast as it should. Playback of the video by itself on my system works correctly. The video properties panel in Dorico seems correct. Please advise. Thanks!

Attaching a pic of the dorico video properties and how they are matched in davinci.

What’s really bizarre to me is that Dorico is somehow syncing to the click track that is embeded in the video. It’s ignoring the tempo and metronome settings in Dorico and listening to the audio and syncing 1/4 notes to the video…which is great except for the fact that the video is playing back too fast

Check your sample rate to make sure your video, Dorico, and your sound card are in agreement.

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That was it! Thank you! Incidentally, I’m thinking this will be a relatively fast way to sync audio to the score. Since I don’t have downbeats in the music, exporting the video with a click and then getting everything synced up and then swapping the click video for one without the click should (hopefully) all line up.