Video playing issues

Hi! Unfortunately app does something that I don’t always see beyond my shoulders:
(OS: Win 11)
showing something like thumbnail of video for first frame (or better writing, first visible frame).
Video is starting with a few frames of black, then fade-in from black to video content.
VST Live is 50%-50% showing it correctly or showing picture before even starting the song while it should start from dark. This is not video file specific but the 50%-50% above…
ISSUE (with showing a thumbnail frame) is booth on Win11 and OSX.

Another example:

Also discovered, when Video Views… set to Fullscreen ON / Always on Top ON. it almost working correctly, but as soon touching taskbar item, it removes the “On TOP / Fullscreen” Video displaying for me and puts out “desktop” (Win11 only! OSX leaves fullscreened video)

First, don’t know why the “blue” blank screen, but that is a smaller issue only. But I’m sure, this case wheather I click, output on ScreenX should remain “on TOP” of everighing (as it’s behaving on OSX correctly)

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Hi @musicullum , could you please just let me know if this issue rep not got lost between the lots of recent requests?

Didn‘t get lost, will check!

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Still pending but not forgotten, sorry for the delay.

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Starting to dive into this. As for the taskbar issue, I don’t know if we can solve it easily as it appears to be a Windows issue.

In your first video, do you have any modifications to the video event, such as fade in/out or multiple (overlapping) video events/tracks? And does it always happen, or only when starting from top (1.1.0, 00:00:00:00)?

Hi @musicullum ,

Regarding first frame: in my experience that happens, if video was played/started once from program start. In my screen recording, it shows whenever video was played a few secs, pressing STOP , visible frame is rendered in STOP state. Navigating from/to the song, miss-rendering remains

  • Overlap? No, not at all
  • Fade-in? My rendered videos are starting with fade-in from blank usually. (Also meight happen, VSTLive’s event fade-in is involved).

Thanks, will check when possible.

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Hey, did it work for you? I’m trying to figure out the same issue but it didnt work for me.

Hi @SubMiller , I think it’s rather some issue in prgcode. I’m sure @musicullum will feedback soon.

I’m glad, I’m not alone with this :smiling_face:

Yes, it is tricky but high on the list now.

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Murphy’s law… in reverse, if that “behaviour” would have been the request, I bat, this would take lots of developing time…
/sorry, don’t meant to make fun out of a problem/

This one is super tricky. We already basically solved it, but video is complicated and we need to be cautious. So it didn’t quite make it for todays’ version, but looks good for next week. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi @musicullum ! Thank u for spending time for solving this issue :slight_smile:

Ok, so pls try again next version, thanks for your patience!

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Dear @musicullum ,

booth issues seems to be working okay now :slight_smile:
thank you!