Video playing issues

Hi! Unfortunately app does something that I don’t always see beyond my shoulders:
(OS: Win 11)
showing something like thumbnail of video for first frame (or better writing, first visible frame).
Video is starting with a few frames of black, then fade-in from black to video content.
VST Live is 50%-50% showing it correctly or showing picture before even starting the song while it should start from dark. This is not video file specific but the 50%-50% above…
ISSUE (with showing a thumbnail frame) is booth on Win11 and OSX.

Another example:

Also discovered, when Video Views… set to Fullscreen ON / Always on Top ON. it almost working correctly, but as soon touching taskbar item, it removes the “On TOP / Fullscreen” Video displaying for me and puts out “desktop” (Win11 only! OSX leaves fullscreened video)

First, don’t know why the “blue” blank screen, but that is a smaller issue only. But I’m sure, this case wheather I click, output on ScreenX should remain “on TOP” of everighing (as it’s behaving on OSX correctly)

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Hi @musicullum , could you please just let me know if this issue rep not got lost between the lots of recent requests?

Didn‘t get lost, will check!

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Still pending but not forgotten, sorry for the delay.

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Starting to dive into this. As for the taskbar issue, I don’t know if we can solve it easily as it appears to be a Windows issue.

In your first video, do you have any modifications to the video event, such as fade in/out or multiple (overlapping) video events/tracks? And does it always happen, or only when starting from top (1.1.0, 00:00:00:00)?

Hi @musicullum ,

Regarding first frame: in my experience that happens, if video was played/started once from program start. In my screen recording, it shows whenever video was played a few secs, pressing STOP , visible frame is rendered in STOP state. Navigating from/to the song, miss-rendering remains

  • Overlap? No, not at all
  • Fade-in? My rendered videos are starting with fade-in from blank usually. (Also meight happen, VSTLive’s event fade-in is involved).

Thanks, will check when possible.

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