Video plays very slowly in any Cubase I've tested

Hi friends,

I’ve been using Pro Tools until last month and I’ve been working with movies/videos + music/audio very well there. Now I’m having a big issue regarding playing videos AND composing in Cubase. This issue happened when I was using Cubase LE, Essentials and also with Pro 9.5. I was upgrading hoping that this problem would be dissolved but not yet.

If I add even one little track of virtual instrument, the video starts slowing dows and freezing every time. I work with movie so frames are very important. I just can’t sync sound and frame recently. It is very stressing.

I’ve tried many configurations, stoping some funcitons on Windows… One way or another, the CPU usage looks very high.

I use Windows 10. I have a Dell Inspiron 5500 i7 7th generation.
8 GB RAM and a SSD 256 SATA where my Cubase is running.
My VI are in my Hard Drive 1T.

I just can’t believe it is the standard. There is something wrong happening for sure.

I appreciate any help or advice! :slight_smile:
I’m open to give any further information.
Please, don’t be rude. If you think I’m wasting your time and you are going to send me read the manual, I suggest you to stop wasting even more of your time writing things like that. Of course I should read it and I am already reading. But at the same time I’m in need of assistance. I am looking for people willing to help, not to spit venom.

Thank you!