video rate mismatch

Yesterday I updated Nuendo 5.5, and the project i’m currently showed a video rate mismatch warning, and video is out of synch.
When I open it in Nuendo 5.0, it gives me the same warning, but it works.
I re-imported the video file, and Nuendo 5.5 interprets a 25 fps video as a 23,97 fps…
I think this is a bug, is there anyway i can play the video at the original frame rate?


the video file is a h264 25fps- on the import window it says it’s a 23,97fps.
other avi videos dont show the same error!
I’m shure the file is 25fps, i just confirmed it on finalcut!


I had the same issue some weeks ago. Framerate was shown correct in N3, but shown uncorrect (and totally out of sync) in N5.

Download MPEG Streamclip (or another freeware videoencoder) and transcode it into a new quicktime. During export dialog set the framerate manually to force 25fps.

Does this help?

hi pgmlml

what is the frame rate of your current project? what platform are you using? what is the exact codec of the file?

i think it’s generally better to use the .mov container rather than .avi.

i’m using nuendo with a mac pro, lasto sx available (v10,6,8)
the video file was a .mov with h264 codec, exported directly from final cut. Version 5 of nuendo didn’t gave me this error, only the last version…

i’ll try other video exports, for a start!