Video Service Or Sleep Issues? (Windows 7 64)

I’ve been having an issue for a while, which may or may not be Cubase related but started about the time of 7.5.2.

I keep Cubase running all the time. Every so often I’ll open a video application for a few minutes and when I get back to Cubase I’ll notice the following:

  1. If I attempt to open a file, say in Kontakt bringing up the files. Or try to import a file from Wavelab. That child window becomes unresponsive.

  2. If I attempt to see what’s going on in Task Manager, it won’t open.

My only choices are to log off or shut down/re-start.

So clearly, something in Cubase is ‘sticking’.

I noticed complaints about this with the Video Service a while back… but that was more Macs. Or it could be that Cubase doesn’t wake up from the ‘sleep’?

Since Task Mgr won’t work I’m having trouble getting any more into it. Wondered if anyone else has experienced this or have any ideas as to how to troubleshoot?