Video Skippy with 9.5, had to purchase 3rd party VST player

I had a post job for a short video and Cubase 9 was playing the supplied MP4 file very jittery. MOV didnt even load.
I Downloaded the Avid codecs, nothing. Tried DNxHD, Cubase didn’t even recognize it as a video file. The supplied MP4 played smoothly on Vegas.

So I read the new 9.5 update has a better video engine, I was not planning on upgrading (I think a point 5 version should really be an free update) but as I had the deadline coming I reluctantly purchased the update. And… problem persists! exactly as before. Very frustrating.
After reading an old, pre-update post on this forum, I purchased the 3rd party VidPlay VST instrument for another $21.99 and … it works like magic! No skips, smooth as butter. Both on version 9, and on 9.5.

So my conclusion is that the Cubase video engine has not improved. Has anyone had any similar issues? Suggested solutions?
I work on Windows 10, no CPU issues.


The main improvement of the new video engine is, it’s not based on the QuickTime engine anymore (which is not officially supported by Apple on Windows).

I too meet serious performance issue of new video engine when working on audio to picture work.

I tried many codecs including Prores, DNXHD, MJPEG, H264, all didn’t help. The video lags and stuck randomly, I can’t get the work done with this new video engine. I even tried Nuendo 8 trial version but met the same issue.

I had to roll back to 9.0.20 with Quicktime engine which smooth like silk when playback video…