Video sound not playing

I just uploaded a video into a Dorico 3 project. I can hear the dorico files. I know the video contains sound, but I can’t hear it. I have checked volume levels on the mixer, but it doesn’t appear to be receiving the signal from the video, even though I am watching the video play with the dorico file…what am I missing? I would attach the file, but it wont let me…

to attach a project, zip it before uploading.

The video file itself might be significant, too. If you’re in a position to share the video file, please provide a link to that (e.g. on Google Drive or Dropbox) so we can take a look at the video file itself.

Zipped file attached.

Sorry, no, not attached. Please try again.

Everybody’s (1.67 MB)
Trying again with an attachment… still can’t hear the audio on the video within the file.

Thanks for the Dorico project, but how about the video file, could you also share this? If it’s too big as an attachment here, you could share it via DropBox or similar service.