Video sync with ADVC 110


I’m all fully up to date with Nuendo 5.5.2 and have just bought a Canopus ADVC 110 which seems to work fine but looking at a test export from Avid, the pictures are a bit out of sync placing the pictures start time in line with the audio).

Pulling the video 3 frames earlier makes it look pretty much in sync. I will get them to do an export with burnt in code to get the offset exactly, but is it normal for this to happen? I’ve read somewhere that there is some processing delay with pictures via Firewire.

Not a huge problem so long as I know.

Generally very happy though with 5.5.2.

Thanks, Rob.

Why not use the video offset function of the Nuendo video engine?


Offset’s around 4 frames here, I think. It’s just the way they work, and compensating for it is what the offset’s for.

What Oliver said!


It is always out of sync slightly due to latency on the FW bus and your LCD or plasma display. This box can tell you what your offset is and there’s great info on the page:

Thanks for your replies.
After my post I added another frame taking it up to 4 frames and that is indeed the offset required, so I’ll look into the video offset feature that I didn’t know existed.
I’ve done loads of dubbing in my time on AMS Audiofile, and more recently done loads of pre-dubbing, v/o to music etc with Nuendo, but am now taking it into full blown TV dubbing. I literally got the Canopus yesterday, so running video on Nuendo is all very new to me. Just wanted to check that all was as it should be.
Thanks again, Rob.
FYI, Other gear in the system is a Mackie MCU, Motu 828Mk2, TC Gold Channel Mic pre with EV RE20 mic, Mac Book Pro and PPMulator plug-ins to take over from the hardware one.

What I did was to run a film with embedded Timecode through the ADVC on my external monitor and pulled up the big Timecode display in Nuendo on my main monitor. Then I started playback and took a picture of both screens with my phone. The picture showed that the Timcode on both screens was some 4 Frames off :slight_smile:

hi rob

we use a canopus for a while years ago and it worked pretty well. the combined offset for our canopus and the lcd displays was 5 frames. at the time you could only offset nuendo’s video playback in whole frames. now you can offset in msec so you can get much much tighter sync, especially if you use a syncheck.

i suspect you’ll soon want to ditch the canopus and get a decklink card (either the extreme or the intensity). we have both here and they are rock solid. they also play back a really wide range of video files (not just dv as with the canopus).

Hi Andreas and Max

Yes Andreas, I agree that it’s 4 frames.
Max, sadly, as I’m using a Macbook Pro, those cards, fab as they are, won’t work for me. Mine has no Thunderbolt or USB 3, just an Express card slot, which I use with a Madiface card for audio multitracking.
I saw mention of video offset in one of the replies but can only find offset from an external timecode device, which is not the same as video on the timeline. Where is this video offset setting?

Thanks Max

Had obviously seen that page but missed it. Didn’t find it in my help searches either.

One more question on this subject, and I hope it isn’t a silly one.

Presumably this latency is for a moving stream. If you’re spotting FX in to picture, -say footsteps, and doing it on a paused frame with that offset in, won’t freeze frames be 4 frames out (or whatever you’ve put in) or is the software clever enough to sort that out? I’m sure it is.


This offset is not on when stopped… Only on playback. So no worries about that.

Bye / Tumppi

Excellent, thanks.