Video track does not play audio anymore

Dorico 4.2 seems to act strangely with the VST Audio Engine sometimes (Mac). While trying to write a short piece for video, whereas previously the video’s audio was playing ok (and score’s audio exporting ok, both when video track enabled and when video track muted), now the video’s audio track is no longer playing back, regardless of setting in the mixer (solo or mute, enabled or not enabled). The video plays in the video window but the video’s audio does not play (only the score itself plays).

I quit Dorico and noticed the VST Audio Engine task marked Not Responding in task manager. I used task manager to Quit the VST Audio Engine task.

Restarting Dorico still does not play the video’s audio. (The score itself plays ok)

Again, this is regardless of the mute/solo setting in the mixer; and previously working with the score it was playing back fine.

I tried Detaching the video from the Flow and re-Attaching the video file again, with same result, video plays ok but no video audio. Of course the video file plays fine in quicktime, etc.

Perhaps this is related to the VST Audio Engine task previously hanging, but there seems to be no way to reinitialize this (other than rebooting which I do not want to do; I have already tried closing/reopening Dorico 4 and Dorico 3.5 multiple times).

If you find that a video file that used to play its soundtrack no longer does so, the usual reason for this is that somehow the sample rate set in Edit > Device Setup has been changed – maybe by you, or maybe by another application on your system. When you attach a video to your project, Dorico extracts the soundtrack from the video to an audio file, and as it does so it encodes it using the current effective sample rate set in Device Setup. If this sample rate later changes, then the audio file can no longer be played back.

If you change the sample rate back to its previous value, that should get things back up and running. If not, the other option is to detach the video, rename the video file on your disk so that Dorico doesn’t think it’s seen the video file before, and then re-attach it to your flow.

It is likely the system sample rate was changed in another program at some point in between working on this Dorico project. Ok, trying various combinations of changing sample rate/audio device, opening/closing Dorico, changing audio device/sample rate/buffer in Reaper and Logic (sometimes works to reset a “stuck” audio system), etc, haven’t worked so far. I will try Detach/Rename/Attach later.

Video file: (Spitfire “Bridgerton” scoring competition)


Dorico prefs: