Video Track in WL8

I was just wondering if video track came back in version 8 montage?

No, sorry.

Hi PG,

That’s one thing that I don’t understand. WL was one of the best audio for video editor (better and faster than Nuendo).
I have WL 7 but I am still using version 6 because of video track in montage.
Nuendo can have lots of WL mastering features, but WL can’t have Nuendo features?

Do you think that there is a chance to have video track back in the future WL8 patches? If yes, for sure I will be planning to upgrade to version 8.


Daniel Choi

Sorry, I can’t pronounce myself about this today.

yes I miss the Video too…

For a little while there I thought WL might just be on the path to becoming a post tool. The flexibility of processing and speed were great…

Maybe SB saw that capability blurring the product line ?

It’s pretty obvious that if you want to do audio for video, they want you to look at Nuendo. What Steinberg should consider though, is that there’s a more obvious competitor in the form of Vegas. As far as WaveLab is concerned, I don’t believe there will ever be a video track again.

I really miss video too!


still use WL6 because of that (and other things), have WL7, but much prefer working in 6.



we’re currently discussing this option for future updates. A good working video engine is not easy to
achieve, but we’ve clearly recognized your feedback on this topic.


Maybe in wavelab 9 video track comming back, I hope so.