Video track transparent PNG


Wanted to use a transparent bg. PNG file as an overlay on the top of video track.

  • Created two video tracks
  • routed to same display
  • put video
  • put PNG frame (with transp bg)

Looks app has no problem routing two tracks to the same display. But seems it can’t reder transp PNG correctly even if it is the only file/track has to be played out.

Could you check please what Could fix this? :slight_smile:
Regards, F

The VST Live video engine does not support source transarency.
To make an image transparent over other video tracks, use the “Intensity” feature of the video event(s) in the event info.

Hi @musicullum ,

I’m affraid, that is not gonna work in such situation. This is how it should look with my original project file (under Reaper):

And how it’s rendered by VSTLive (I left the PNG file opened with Window’s img viewer for quick overview)

Could you please check any workaround? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

another way - as that kind of overlay can be either applied “globally” - if an additional Global Module could be applyed on the top of video-outs.