Video Window "Always on Top"

The Video Window goes away when toggling between different applications, could be great to have an “always on top” option for it so that doesn’t happen.

If we follow that logic, then all the other windows should stay visible when Cubase loses focus, like Plugins, Audio Mixdown.

Currently the only windows that can be managed separately are the Editor and MixConsoles.

I agree with you. The video player should also be an independent window and stay open when Cubase loses focus, e.g when we put the video window on another monitor.

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Although I can totally understand the frustration with this limitation, I also understand the technical challenge the dev team is facing.
The way I see it, the floating video player window is a nice way to work if you’re not a full professional user, but those who work fully professional should always use a hardware video playback that streams constantly no matter what to an external TV set. Most of us use Blackmagic Design Playback devices such as the cheap DeckLink Mini Monitor or Intensity Pro 4K or the more expensive options listed in the below link under the Capture and Playback section:

By the way, the same sort of issue happens with floating plugin UIs, but with those the workaround is easy, and the opposite of what you would expect. To force plugin user interfaces to stay visible when the app loses focus, you need to uncheck “Always on Top” by clicking the down arrow (on the top right corner of the plugin user interface) and deselecting this option for any plugin you wish to still see when the app loses focus.

Really ? :neutral_face: I’ve learned something today. Unfortunately we can’t do that with the video player.

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