Video Window Player / Export discrepancy

Hoping for some input on sync issues during exports. Pointing to my video player window being incorrect… Converting pic to 23.976 ProRes 422 LT (mov) - which is matching my Project setup (23.98 inside Nuendo). These settings have been rock solid in PT, just running into sync discrepancy in Nuendo between the vid player window & exports…

Are there known issues with NVIDIA cards or specific codecs/containers for Nuendo? From what I’ve researched there should be no issues with the above file ‘prep’.

-GTX 3090
-Nuendo 12


Just yesterday I exported the mix of an almost three-hour film from Nuendo. As usual, there were no problems. The video format is the same as the one you use. Do you import video and audio separately? When does the out-of-sync occur? When you are editing in Nuendo? Or only when you export your project? Is everything asynchrone from the start or only after a certain amount of time?

The video has no sound, and is all custom MUS/SFX.

The sync issue only occurs on export/print. Everything is synced within Nuendo/Video Player. And from what I could tell, the exports were consistently in/out of sync by what felt 3-9 frames at times.

I crossed a comment earlier mentioning hidpi enabled can cause instability. I did have this enabled, and after disabling, I’m not noticing any issues when exporting. I will be further testing this through the week.

@MAS do you by chance have this disabled? Heard of anything related?

Worth noting in addition to a GTX 3090, I am running 4k & 1440p monitors. I have a hunch this is all related…

I have occasionally read that HiDPI causes display errors. But I have never heard that it causes asynchrony. What drivers do you use for your NVIDIA? The Studio driver?

Do you export your mix as a WAVE file? What happens when you import the exported file back into Nuendo? Is the track in sync or out of sync?