video window wont open?

My video window wont open, and its not due to key commands…How do I reset my program data so that I can resolve this problem?

By referring to Cubase 5, I can see now that “Video Player” has disappeared from the Devices menu. On Cubase 5 it works just fine, but on Cubase 6 it’s disappeared and wont open.

Not a lot of info here to go by in your explanation as to if it worked ever, if you updated something software or hardware etc. I am assuming you are in Cubase 6. I believe you will need to have a current version Quick Time installed. the default key command is F8 for video window. Cube 5 used direct show w/really small video window, 6 is much better. You can also read in the manual on page 514 as to how to test your video in Cubase 6. If you need anything else regarding this send me a message, I do use the video often.

Yes im on 6.0.3. Not sure what caused it, but the function has disabled itself somehow. My key commands use F8 in both 5 and 6. In 6 F8 doesnt do anything. Its listed in the key commands list but like I said, it should be in the devices menu but its not.

Is quicktime installed and operational?

yes. I even tried deleting the app data folder and that didn’t fix it. this is a bizarrre issue.

There are serious issues regarding the video engine in Cubase 6.03. I’ve been working on a film and had to roll back to 6.02 because the latest update imports video at a different rate to the audio that comes with it. The audio track is literally a different length to the video track.

My suggestion would be to roll back and see if you have the same problem. Good luck.

Interesting. Thanks so much for posting! My next step was going to be reinstalling cubase. You’ve saved me precious time! :mrgreen:

problem solved! rolling to 6.0.2 fixed the problem

damn. it just happened again with 6.0.2. rolling back to 6.0.0…

nvm, my 32-bit c6 was still 6.0.3 by accident. rolled to 6.0.2 and it works