Videoengine.bundle in Dorico 3.5

I was wondering if version 3.5 has solved the problem with energy usage (and noisy fans on laptops) which was helped by some, including myself, by removing the video engine from within the program file.

I had moved the video engine from version 3 onto the desktop and since I’ve decided that keeping version 3 is unnecessary, I’ve deleted it from the apps folder. However, the OS won’t let me delete the old video engine from the desktop (operation not permitted). Does anyone have any suggestions?

Solved the second issue. It required a restart after deleting the Dorico 3 program file and authenticating at every step. Still wondering about the video engine in v. 3.5, though.

According to Daniel, the video engine in 3.5 is the same as 3.1. I had to remove it for my MacBook Pro, but I think most people don’t have this issue.

Thanks, Stephen. I’d missed that post update. I still have the same issue with my MacBookPro and v. 3.5, too, so I’ll remove it again.

One thing that has worked for some users - try showing the video window and then hide it again.

Good to know. I don’t need the video function so it’ll be easier just to remove the component, but if I ever do, I’ll remember your tip.