Viena ensemble pro 7 en dorico

No consigo hacer que arranque viena ensemble pro 7 en dorico sin embargo la version 6 arranca perfectamente me aparece la pantalla conect y no puedo pasar de esta pantalla

vale resuelto el concepto es diferente para mi porque arrancar un programa fuera de dorico para poder entrar a otro se me hace muy extra├▒o creo que es asi ?no? porque es como lo he conseguido arrancar

Si tienes que arrancar vepro7 primero

the whole point is that VE Pro 7 manages all your VST plug-ins so it makes sense that it must be started first. If started empty, you should then find that your VEP7 saved configuration for the project is loaded correctly when this is done.

Provided you have the padlock closed to preserve the instance(s) , then you can keep VE Pro running in the background even when Dorico itself is not open which can save a lot of time and uses little in the way of system resources.