vienna ensemble = load problem


i’m using vienna ensemble 5.4 with nuendo 7.0.30
sometime (+/- 1 out of 20) a session will start loading and get stuck in the middle of loading.
i have to terminate nuendo and restart loading.
but then it will never be able to load until i terminate the vienna processus of window task manager.

what i discover today is during the loading phase of nuendo session, if i get stuck this way i can terminate the vienna processus in task manager and nuendo will go on loading from there. once it’s done i can press the “reconnect 64” button on the vst vienna window inside nuendo to get it back.
Of course i maybe should post this on vienna forum but i red in last history issue solved from nuendo some fix done for third party plugin not loading so…
Anyway Is it something you guys had/ve ?

(W7x64 / 16ram / rme fireface)