Vienna Ensemble Pro Event Input Plug-in

Hi Vienna Ensemble Pro users,

I have a customer that has problems with the Event Input plug-in, i.e. whenever he adds a second instance of it to a Dorico project, then the audio starts dropping out for him. He even set up a second spare computer to try with that one and still exactly the same issue.
However, in the test environment that I have, it is absolutely no problem, even with many instances of the Event Input plug-in.

So my question is, does anyone else experience such an issue with VE Pro’s Event Input?

I haven’t tried it in Dorico, but why don’t they use the VEP VST3 plug?

Ulf, I use it all the time with no drop out issues. He probably just needs to increase the buffer setting or use a faster streaming disk.

wcreed: Dorico does not yet support multiple ports.