vienna ensemble pro. with single computer

Looking at this to run my master chain out side of cubase.

does it free up cubase much? or aiso? i find my master chain always pops cubase over the edge.

but when i check my cpu it does seem as if cubase is not using all cpu.

is it possible to do that with vienna ensemble pro 5

Yes, I do this all the time and benefit hugely. I’m not sure if it’s down to the extra buffers Ensemble uses, or better distribution of processing to all the cores, but there’s bit difference in how many plug-ins you can stack up and use. Also, Ensemble enables you to run 32-bit plugs, which may be useful for you.

thanks Steve. ill have to work out how to pipe the audio in from the pre fader into it and back.

master buses The cubase audio master just has 2 limiters on it.


Well a update…

I gave it a go… how the hell does that software do that???

I can even run the limiters on the master and with Vi pro im running at 16x over sampling with Aom limiter then into Fabfilter with 4x over sampling! NO glitch…

Cpu is rock solid…

I only set up one channel as well! this is mental.

So you recommend getting VEPro 5 then? haha! I’ve been very interested in this and currently only use one PC (will slave another when I have the money). Just wasn’t sure if it’s beneficial with one computer. Seems like it is! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can confirm this as well. It works using other techniques, as well, like running Reaper on the same machine with its ReaRoute ASIO channels piped into Cubase. For certain types of FX insert use-cases, it will solve issues that VEP will not.

It’s definitely an issue with multi-core audio scheduling / ASIO when you can see the same computer do twice the work you thought it could!

Which reminds me, I’m gettin’ real antsy for that “FX Rack” functionality VSL has promised us. That will be the ultimate solution.

I have both VEPro and Reaper (and also Logic). I support the Reaper(rewire) solution above VEPro. The interface is not as pretty as VEPro but as previously mentioned by another OP, when VEPro hits the limit, Reaper will solve (well not everything, but at least more in respect of plugin compatibility). Reaper is much cheaper too. I have had cracks and pops on large projects with VEPro on my machine (see specs), so VEPro too has limitations even if you gain from using VEPro instead of having everything within Cubase. However there is no that much really to gain by using VEPro above putting all inside Cubase. It is more to gain from disc management and where to install samples and heavy plugs like Omnisphere and Kontakt. If I were you I would really dig deep into disc management before investing in VEPro -if you work on every musical genre except classical or score with full symphony orchestra. VEPro is great if you work with several machines and work with full symphony orchestra music (those are heavy projects). After machines became 64 bit and faster and memory cheaper, some of the arguments for VEPro died. Both VEPro and Reaper do a better job with 32 bit plugs than jBridge. Setup is some extra clicks above jBridge but more stable (on my machine) and you can save templates with plugs to cut set up time.

Btw, to clarify what I meant by Reaper working in certain use-cases VEP won’t, I’m talking specifically about sync / PDC issues that arise when using VEP’s “audio insert” for FX.

VSTis work fine. It’s only FX via the “audio insert” feature of VEP that is the issue.

Basically, you can only do very simple asynchronous things like reverb. Or other things, but in a very simple project that also happens to have its other plugin’s PDCs not expose the issue.

In other words, a simple “hello world” project will usually not expose the issue, but a real-world project will.

The problem is the result of VEP not returning the audio on the other side of its insert, but elsewhere via its remote. It prevents the host from doing its PDC thing. VSL is aware of the limitation and has promised either an update, or a separate “FX Rack” oriented product.

If anyone wants more info, I’ll dig up the long thread on it and post it here.

Here’s the TL;DR saga.

I mostly use Ensemble for instruments, which is where I notice a huge difference in the number of instruments I can use. Once Cubase starts to hit the wall, I offload into Ensemble. Perhaps ASIO guard 2 (once it’s working properly) will improve things, but at the moment it’s not compatible with Ensemble, so I have it switched off.

100% works… done more tests. bit disappointed that cubase is that bad on cpu management…

they almost need this idea of a separate programme for the mixer…

Yeah, lol, it’s a good point.

Why can’t Cubase “pretend” some of its parts are a separate app and better make use of the cores.

Reaper has certainly figured all this out. That thing will commandeer 99.99% of the entire CPU, if you let it. It’s just too fugly and awkward to use as a main DAW.