Vienna Instruments/Ensemble PRO - how to see them?


Despite having VSL’s Vienna Instrument and Vienna Ensemble Pro installaed in my drive, Dorico only lets me see the non-PRO versions of these software.

Since I don’t see other related discussions, I wonder what I’m doing wrong. Obviously, being able to use the PRO versions is an absolute need, for the added realism and features.


Ok, maybe I’ve found the reason of the problem. I only had the AU version of the VIPRO and VEPRO plugin installed. Dorico seems to require the vst version.

I therefore installed the VST version. VEPRO is available as a VST3 plugin, and is now seen by Dorico. VIPRO is only installed as a VST(1) plugin, and is not shown.

How can I also see VIPRO?


VEP Pro is VST3 and those are automatically whitelisted by Dorico. VI Pro however is VST2 only and those have to be whitelisted manually by the user. Have a look here:

Thank you very much for your answer, Fratveno. I can only find the VIPRO plugin in the VST plugin folder, and not the VST2. However, I’ll try.