Vienna Synchron Edition. How to get it work?

Hi, I purchased Vienna Synchron Edition after announcement - it will work with Dorico “out of the box”. I installed all libraries I purchased. It works with Vienna Synchron Player, it works in Logic X as a plugin. But I am not able to find it under Dorico Playback Templates. Did I overseen something? Please help to understand how do I make it work.

did you start “VSL for Dorico Installer v.1.0.32” from the vsl website?
Its the easiest way, I think.

I installed all the libraries using Synchron Library Installer which I found in a Vienna Synchron Player Folder. Is it a wrong one? I downloaded it from VSL website 2-3 days ago. Is there some installer which ist Dorico specific? If yes, please drop me a link.

Download and execute the .exe file “VSL for Dorico Installer v.1.0.32” from the vsl website/My VSL/downloads - notation spez.
You will get the expression maps, the player-presets and the playback-templates to the right locations.

Thank you, I have overseen it…I will try😊

It works, thank you very much. Your answer was very helpful.

Are you using the Synchron-ized Special Edition or the Synchron Series libraries?

I’d love to have EMaps for the Synchron Series. I hope they are coming soon.


I am using Synchron-ized Special Edition


I’m quite happy with the SYzd SE but occasionally need something like a bowed vibraphone which is in Synchron Percussion.