View .CPR file, to find out which preset was used on which track

I’m trying to recover an old Cubase project. I used Kontakt 4 in it but I have Kontakt 6 now, so none of these tracks with Kontakt 4 can load the Kontakt instruments obviously.
But Cubase saves the the information in the .cpr file which Kontakt instrument was used on which Kontakt 4 instance. So is there a way for me to see that info from the cpr file ?

I can’t try it here, but one idea might be to use Import Tracks from a Project

But it’s still trying to import it as a Kontakt 4 instance, as a missing plug-in, which I don’t have anymore. I just wanna know what presets I used for those Kontakt 4 instances

I was just thinking that the track names would give you a hint as to the preset used. I guess you cannot install Kontakt 4?

I think Kontakt 6 is now just called “Kontakt” and has dropped the version numbers - hopefully this means that it shouldn’t happen in the future…

just a thought - can you rename your kontakt_5/6 dll to kontact_4…might be a bit unstable but also may load up so you can take a look ?

Made some progress.
Surprisingly I still had Kontakt 4 install files. Installed Kontakt 4 but some of the sample libraries I used there I no longer have…
so still need to find out a way to read and decipher .cpr file

Anyways, how can I decipher the cpr file to see what data is stored in it for Kontakt vsti channels ?

I’m having this exact issue. Loading an older project where the versions of some instruments have changed. Certainly, the presets for the VSTs in the projects are stored in the .cpr file. Really need to find a way to extract that info from the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Optimally, the error log showing the missing plugins would also list the preset!