View in Concert Pitch: Switch Clef


When you view a score in Concert Pitch, it would be very nice if Dorico could switch instruments like Bass Clarinet or Bari Sax to bass clef.
6+ ledger lines are somewhat unreadable :open_mouth: :laughing:

Thanks, E.

Brass instruments such as treble clef Euphonium do exactly what you’re asking for.

Thanks, steveparker, I’ve noticed that.
Unfortunately, some of the lower wood instruments don’t.


I think you have to specify ‘Bass clef full score’ when setting up or changing instrument… (right column)

Thanks, fratveno. I will check when I’m back to my workbench.
I can’t remember there being more than one type of Bass Clarinet or Baritone Sax. though…

Fratveno’s is indeed the answer - and useful to know!
It’s in an extra column to the right.


@Fratveno (and @steveparker), I don’t know how anyone should understand this option. I did in fact see it but did nut use it on purpose: I didn’t want it to be “Bass clef full score”, I need it to be “Bass clef only when viewing in concert pitch”.
Although this is in fact what this option really does, the label is quite misguiding, to say the least.

@DoricoTeam: Please rename this to say what it does. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Estigy,
I didn’t know it did this either until Fratveno said.
Very useful though. This always catches me out in Finale, because I don’t usually use concert pitch scores. Ledger-line city…