View Markers track in the Key Editor


Just had an idea for a feature that would be useful. It would be really great if you could view the Markers track in the Key Editor, so when editing MIDI you can reference the Marker track. Maybe as a section in the controller lanes or below the bar numbers?

Thank you!


I definitely second this suggestion, though I would prefer the markers appear at the top, just under or above the ruler.

I also generally use the Key Editor in a separate window since there generally isn’t enough vertical space to use it in the project window, especially when dealing with an instrument track that uses a bunch of key switches (e.g. I’m currently working with UJAM’s VG-SPARKLE, which has 3 octaves of key switches in addition to 2.5 octaves of notes). While I can keep a separate markers view window to be able to move to specific places, there isn’t a way to see where I’m at when actually editing in the (full screen) Key Editor.

FWIW, I am primarily using markers for song structure elements, such as start of each verse, chorus, pre-chorus, bridge, etc.


I could really use markers in the key editor, the little marker window (CTRL+M) doesn’t make it! It disappears when you continue editing.