View plugin latency in Cb8.5?


With the release of the new Plugin Manager, the VST Effects and Instruments are no longer displayed in the Plugin Information window any more, but the new manager doesn’t show the Path or the Plugin Latency. Is this displayed somewhere else now, have I missed a button click or a column setup option?



This is in the lower part of the Plug-in Manager. Explore the buttons down to open the proper view, please.

Sadly not as convenient as viewing them all in a list (as it used to be)…it shows plugin information for the selected plug only!

Ah, I see that, thank you.

Well, not anywhere near as good as the other way because you can see them all at a glance, and sort by the columns as well. I’d be happy for them just to put back the tab in the original place even though some info is now duplicated in the new manager window… Should be an easy job.


Agreed, back to the old way, please.

Bumping this because the old way to sort plugins by instances/latency was waaay better. I need to go through my template and reduce latency hungry plugs and doing it via plugin manager is long and really a step backwards.

It would actually be quite a neat feature to be able to see the combined latency of an insert chain directly in the mixer window.

Yeah, combined latency is becoming much more important to me these days because I have retired my analogue mixer and I’m pretty much using all VSTi’s now…


Any plans on reverting this regression?