View Position When Switching Modes

I find that I’m working I want to skip over to Engrave mode to make some adjustments and then back to Write, or vice-versa (make a correction in Write when tweaking engraving options). However, it seems that the two modes store their last view position and zoom separately, which means I have to find my position in the new mode. Is there an option somewhere to maintain the view position when switching modes? I’ve looked but not found one.

I’m afraid no such option exists at the moment, and indeed we don’t plan to add an option, but rather just to make sure that the selection is kept in view when possible when switching between views. Unfortunately we didn’t quite resolve this problem fully in the 1.0.20 update (though I think it will be a bit better) so it remains something we intend to take care of soon.

Thanks, Daniel! I think a preference to maintain zoom and position would be welcome, in time. Having the score yanked to a different place can be very confusing, even if the selection is still in view, when all I want to do is fix an accidental or position a dynamic on a chain of tied notes.

If you work in page view in write mode, the problem is gone, isn’t it ?
This is why I try to work in that mode, even though I would prefer galley mode… looking for editing what I just input in write mode is really painful, especially when I work on a small display.