view saving and loading

I’m just starting with the update from 3 to H4. The slots concept is brill, but
I would like to be able to save views containing different slot configurations.
When I save a view using the LOAD/SAVE/DELETE button, it saves the names I give
it, but when I use the button to LOAD a view, the slot config is not re-loaded.
At the moment, I am trying to setup different slot sets for the different types of sounds.
Is there a way of restoring a ‘saved’ slot config.

It sounds like you’re trying to save your entire H4 setup, but you’re using the Screen Set feature when you should be using the Save Multi feature.

You should see a floppy disk icon right above the slot rack that probably says something like Startup right next to it. If you click on this icon, it will take you to a save dialog that says Save HALion 4 Multi Program. Add mediabay tags, if you feel like it, give it a name and save it. To reload it, go to the mediabay and press the icon directly to the right of the Find button in the middle of the dialog. This is the icon for showing Multis. If you added tags, you can use any of the filters at the top of the dialog to help you find the Multi you’re looking for. When you load any of your saved Multis, H4 should return to the state it was in when the Multi was saved, including the way the slots were set up.