view seconds and milliseconds?

I use Cubase to produce a world-wide syndicated radio broadcast. I need to produce eight 30-minute broadcasts per day. One of the requirements is that I need to place a 5-second gap in the broadcast for local stations to insert their call letters.

The automation system needs to know where in each broadcast where the gap begins. That time is defined in seconds and milliseconds, and is part of the file name.

With Cubase, I need to use an Excel spreadsheet to convert from minutes:seconds.milliseconds to total seconds.milliseconds.

For Example I see this value in Cubase - “00:20:05.122” What I need is total seconds and milliseconds like this - “1205122”

Wavelab has an option buried deep that will show me that. A few other DAWs show that value as well.

Is there a way to have Cubase display that? It would not only save me a lot of time, but it could also help me prevent errors - like I had on Monday’s broadcast :frowning:


once I read your post I was thinking this is Wavelab.

Soundforge has an excellent time display which I used a lot back in the day and it is very easy to cut/edit exact in that display format.

BUT Cubase has it too. I have 2 time displays showing in my sequence window: “bars+beats” & “seconds” as secondary display. The format is H:MM:SS.sss

so hour, minutes, seconds, milliseconds

like this:

I don’t think that is what the OP is looking for. They want the display to be only seconds & milliseconds - with the hour and minute values being converted to seconds. So 1 hour and 10 seconds is 3610 seconds.

I don’t think Cubase can do this.

I can see how converting from hh:mm:ss:ms to ss:ms would be error prone since you need to do multiple conversions and add them together.

If you changed your Cubase Ruler to be in Samples it would be a much simpler calculation to convert that into ss:ms - just a simple division by the sample rate and the resulting whole number is the seconds and the 3 places behind the decimal point are the milliseconds.

Thanks for the replies. Math was, and is not my bast subject.

Here’s the Excel formula for you math lovers…
=LEFT(B2, 2)*3600000 + MID(B2,4,2) * 60000 + MID(B2,7,2)*1000 + RIGHT(B2,3)

Reaper and Vegas can also display the time the way I need it.

Is the Cubase team every open to feature requests?