View Switch Container example / UI Editor question

Does anyone have an example of how to use the View Switch Container for tabbed views in the UI Editor?

I feel like it should be a simple task but nothing I’ve tried for the past couple of hours works.

Also, is there a way to manually code the UI using VSTGUI without the UI editor?

Coming from JUCE I am used to building my UI’s up in C++ code, and I find the combination of JSON and custom-coded views/controls quite confusing when thinking of how to tackle complex user interfaces with lots of custom user interfaces, drag and drop elements, etc…

That being said I quite like the bitmap system in VSTGUI and would like to use it for my projects.


I figured out the issue I was having with Tabs. You have to match the name of your main template in editor.uidesc with UTF8StringPtr templateName in the constructor of VST3Editor.

IPlugView* PLUGIN_API MyVstController::createView (FIDString name)
auto* view = new VSTGUI::VST3Editor (this, "Editor", "editor.uidesc");

My main template was named “Editor” so that was the issue, tabs are working like a charm now!