Viewed audio NOT always what I'm hearing

Has anybody seen this in N5.5.3:

Open the sample editor for a piece of audio. If you’ve only selected the cursor start point, the viewed audio will often NOT be what you are hearing. It might be the piece of something that comes after, it might be some of the audio that precedes it. BUT if you set the range of your audio selection, it will play perfectly ONLY that piece and always from the same start point. I ran into this with 5.1 and now with 5.5.3. A friend suggested I reinstall N5 without letting it migrate the preferences from previous versions but all that did was cost me a night’s work and still end up with the same issue.

Is there anybody else can confirm this? Thanks is advance.
(I hope I posted this to the right place :slight_smile:)

Yes, very annoying.
It is bugbased.


:blush: ?

… since a long time …


I never used it. Odd decision to let something like that be a persistent bug for a long time.

It’s a sod of a bug, and keeps hitting us too.
Just load up something in the sample editor, and try to preview it with the speaker and in probably 50% of cases you do not hear what you are seeing go past.
The workaround is to try it several times, moving the start point - it will come back eventually.