Viewing a list of audio file attributes at a glance? (specifically RMS)

Is it possible in Wavelab 11.1 Pro to view a list of audio files and see the RMS value included in the attributes? In the File browser window I can see the basic info (sample rate, bit rate, size, etc) but wondered if there was a way to see RMS value too. It would be helpful to see ‘at a glance’ in a list of audio files the RMS value. If Wavelab doesn’t do this (admittedly it is quite specific) does anyone know of a program that can display a list of audio files with RMS included in the attributes?

What you could do, is use the Audio Analyzer plugin of the batch processor. Check the doc.

Thank you PG, I didn’t think of that. I’ll check it out.

I can create a report showing LUFS (great!) but not RMS (unless I’m missing something).

What do you need RMS for when you have R128 Integrated Loudness?

Unfortunately Audible (Amazon audiobook company) measure in RMS rather than LUFS.

Unfortunately Audible (Amazon audiobook company) measure in RMS rather than LUFS.

There will be an improvement in WaveLab for this in the future…

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only audibles ACX department and the occasional other publisher uses RMS, actual Audible uses LUFS
an app called 2nd opinion will generate out a txt file with the RMS, Are you doing it on your masters? it’ll check your heads and tails etc too (and if you use it alot, make sure you pay the man his coffee donation)

-19.5 LUFS is normally (currently) a guaranteed ACX pass keeping nice dynamic range, -19 is ok for non fiction

Well, that’s awesome. Thanks PG

Thanks Alex. I stand corrected, yes, it is ACX using RMS. I’ve had little dealings with ACX until now. I’m not sure why ACX and Audible aren’t aligned on how they want their masters. Thanks for the recommendation of 2nd Opinion. I’ll check it out.

probably for some form of autonomy I guess…great little app that 2nd opinion, still run all our ACX work through it just incase something weird has gone on