Viewing Markers in Key Editor

Hey Fellas,

I’ve ran into a little trouble with seeing my markers in the key editor when I edit midi. Is there a way to view the markers from the marker track within the Key Editor Window? Thank you all for your time and responses.


AFAIK, this is not possible …
Maybe you can live with opening the In-Place Editor instead of the Key Editor ?
That way you still stay in the Project Window and you have all your Markers still visible.
Problaby not what you want but i post this “tip” anyway.

Hope this helps !


On my Dell 2560x1440 Inplace editors midi “notes” are so small. I cant work with that.

How did you do bigger notes ?


What is your screen resolution ?

In the animation I am placing the mouse cursor over the piano keyboard of the In-Place editor. The cursor changes to a hand, then I click and drag horizontally to zoom. (this also works in the Key Editor)

:smiley: Steve you are a wizard of cubase functionality… i rarly use inplace midi editor… maybe now ill use it more !! thanks for the tip !

Yea. I see gif animation now. Maybe its time to inplace editor. Now what about sample inplace editor ?:wink:

Hi All

Nice one Steve, you are indeed a wiz!!! However if one scales the keyboard to full zoom, I can’t drag and get it to go back to what it was, any ideas?

Best Regards


Thank you all for letting me know. I appreciate the replies. Maybe sometime down the road Cubase will introduce this feature.