Views on Microsoft Win 7 updates anyone...?

Hi, gone from an extremely stable C5 on XP SP3 setup to Win 7 SP2 home premium (32 bit) and it’s not without it’s problems unfortunately (Sticking to 32 bit for a while until all the plugs as 64 bit)

C6 just randomly freezes across a range of differing well established VSTi’s so not able to pin point it to any one particular plugin. This sometimes happens quite frequently over a few hours yet some days runs like a dream with no problems at all.

When it freezes, task manager is called up, and states Cubase 6 (not responding) click on shutdown and it instantly goes to desk top. Restart C6 and it may run fine for a while but then just happens again, seemingly most frequently when a edit instrument button from the VST rack or inspector or mix desk is clicked.

Downloaded a few Win 7 updates which seem to be imperative to system stabilty but to no avail.

All the drivers and VST stuff are latest releases. (If you contact any support, all the fingers point to someone else’s program of course)

Forums have been searched on this subject but doesn’t seem to be a lot on it.

Has any one had any experiences/problems with the Win 7 updates or views in general on those updates…?


no problems with windows updates. Perhaps you could give some more information about your system, external hardware and used plugins when you have these problems.



I’ve not had any Windows updates cause instability in Cubase yet.
It can be really tough tracking something seemingly random like this, good luck!

very stable on win7.64 sp1 and all updates. also sp0 was stable. can not complain

Win 7 SP2? There is no SP2 yet. Do you mean SP1?

No problems at all here with any updates. Also, no need to wait to go 64 bit IMO, JBridge used here to good effect.

Oops ! SP1 :blush:

Systems going nut’s now, just installed the demo for melodyne which works great standalone but as soon as it’s launched within C6 the whole thing just shuts down !

Must be some serious corruption somewhere, re-instated the C5 image with XP from backup and it’s smooth as clockwork again.

Can’t even seem to find crashlogs anywhere, to send them off to support to see if they can help, Anyone know where they should be in C6 ?

Guess it’s a low level format and complete re-instal if support can’t helpl, pointless just r-installing C6, done that a few times ober the last few weeks - nightmares !!! :cry:

Ah ! ok then, found the crash dumps by searching other forums on here and they’re, very revealing - to some one who can understand them that is LOL

It’s a long list and seems a there is one consistent, repeting event, a going on between a system32dll and C6.

There are one or two other minor issues with a few plugins though it’s obvious the repeating log is the problem so will send it to Steiny to see if they know what’s going on and hope they can help rectify it, couldn’t bare the thought of nother few day’s of formatting and re-installing all the libraries !

Guess it’s wise to download the Win7 updates, and double check the vipers tweaks, maybe the dll in question may be corrupt and might be replaced with a Win 7 update or even relying on a service switch back on in the reg. - fingers crossed ! :unamused:

Hi, I record day and night on a C5 Win XP machine. I want to get a new computer and C6 but a 100% clitch free system Win XP system is worth more to me than speed. I have not upgraded or given money to SB because of the non support of XP. Because I use an external mixer and UAD cards my computer never runs out of CPU. If I get close I use freeze and be done. It some ways, not upgrading has made me more productive. C5 is a great release. Win XP SP3 is a great OS.


Hey there on the C5 use in XP3? Myself and a few others here run C6 on XP3 and it runs better than C5 did. I think you are missing the boat. :smiley:

I’m on XP service pack 2 with C6. My set up is over 5 years old but still does everything I need it to day in and out. So if its not brolen don’t fix is my motto for now.
To the original poster good luck. Computers are truly wonderful things but they can’t also drive a man crazy when not working properly.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Well a rather lengthy crash log was sent to Steinberg last night and they suggest (via a brief 4 line reply this morning) that the Asus graphics card, Asus motherboard chipset drivers as well as Kontakt, Ueberschall, Melodyne and other plugins are all to blame and the cause of all the woes, and suggested that everything be updated, then kindly suggested that if there are any further problems to get back to them !!! Suprisingly, the iLok, Waves and Play plugins weren’t blamed as well…

That would be quite a waiting game as everything are all at the current versions… :confused:

Probably get a ream of emails from the other software houses tomorrow, suggesting that C6 or Win 7 is to blame LOL

Maybe a brand new machine should be built to give it another go (after all, this one is a year old ) OR :bulb: for the time being, get into Studio 1-2 that was bought for pennies at the extraordinary Presonus NAMM special sale which seems extremely stable and a doddle to use, or maybe go back to the XP install which has always been a rock solid install also and get a good night’s sleep for a change…

Just an update here, went up to Win 7 64 bit, re-installed and so far it’s been excellent, if it stays that way then happy days :smiley: