Views on multi user project

Due to illness I have called in an0ther Dorico user to help with a deadline project. What do people have to say about how to work in such a collaboration?

All I can think of is two projects and I do some flows and he does the others in a copy of the project. But it seems very clumsy,

Rather than each user doing a complete flow by himself/herself, it might be worth considering having the secondary user do (at least some of) the note entry and then send it to the primary user (which I assume is you) who would then copy and paste that content into the relevant voices/staves in the project and do the page layout, etc. In theory, this should have a better chance of maintaining consistency in the appearance of the finished product, as there is only the one person making the relevant decisions. I find that when I am doing a complete project by myself, my mental stamina has weakened somewhat after inputting all the content and then there is still the appearance (eg fonts and page turns, to name just two of the considerations) to be worked on. Separating the two aspects (content and design) might be advantageous.

Agree – I just finished an opera project in which the composer did all the note entry in a DAW, and sent me midi files and marked up PDFs. Saved me likely more than half of the time, and I could focus on editing.

Of course the instruments from the midi file didn’t come through just so, so I copied all the music a few lines at a time into my own file, and that process was surprisingly easy and fast and accurate (especially with the Select to End of Flow command).

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I agree with this suggestion.

I hope you regain good health soon!