Vintage Classics expansion related songs

I recently discovered completely by chance, that the sounds of the “Vintage Classics” expansion are directly inspired by famous songs from the seventies or eighties.

For example, all the presets beginning with “human” are the sounds used in the song “Don’t you want me” from Human League.
The presets beginning with “Like the Silence” are the sounds for “Enjoy The Silence” from Depeche Mode.
“Holiday 80s” presets are for the song “Holidays” from Madonna.

Does anyone know which famous songs the other presets correspond to ?

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Found other ones:

  • “Dust Bag” patches are the musical FX from “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen (4 presets including the famous “Dust Bag Sync Sweep”)
  • “Robots” patches are the sounds from “The Robots” by Kraftwerk (11 presets)
  • “Get Enough” sounds from"Just can’t get enough" by Depeche Mode (9 presets)
  • “A Virgin” sounds: 5 presets from “Like a Virgin” by Madonna
  • “Baloon” sounds: 4 presets from “99 luftballons” by Nena
  • “Let’s go” sounds: 3 presets from “Let’s go” by The Cars
  • “Franky Says” are the sounds from “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood ( 8 presets; including the spit FX)