Vintage Classics Not recognized on my new pc (solved)

When I launch Cubase on my new machine. "Some content is missing. Either license missing or time limited License have expired, Vintage classics. Vintage classics presets still load on the other pc. both pic’s have the latest windows versions installed. Download assistant says "Vintage classics registered successfully."Should a vintage classics License show up on my elicenser? When I try to submit a support ticket, I get re directed back to Steinberg Main page.
Thanks, Bill

It depends. The old version didn’t require any license. If you still have the old installer you can use it on your new PC.

If you download the new version (vstsound) from Download Assistant then you need a license. You can try to contact the online shop.

Thanks, I rebought it in February…I found and re entered the download code, in download manager.
It is on soft license.