Vintage Stomp Pack

Any chance there will be a sale or reduced price on these? I see you’ve dropped the price of the Portico plugins.

The Vintage Stomp Pack plugins really are excellent.

They are virtually unheard of anywhere though. Do a google search and about 3 people mention them. If you dropped the price a little, Steinberg, you might sell a few more than the 12 licenses you’ve sold in 2 years. I’ll buy it for sure if you did. A coupon code perhaps?


Yes, I think that 199 euros for 3 phasers, 1 flanger and 1 Wah is a little bit expensive now.
I have tried this pack and the Dual Phaser is really good !

I hope that a day, you will lower the price as for the Portico

It is possible to find RND Portico about 350 USD on the eBay… It is fairly reasonable price in comparison of Softube etc.

Agree, reasonable price for Vintage Stompboxes (migrated from X years old Yamaha Console) is under 100 USD :confused:

agree completely, drop the price please, in the San Valentine’s day offer I buy 5 Steinberg products…
The Yamaha Plugins products are fantastic please, drop the price

Your prayers are answered…!

(although, I just looked and the reduction doesn’t seem to have got through to the prices quoted in the shop just yet - maybe it only happens at checkout…? I haven’t tried that far. I am in the UK…)

Yes the price is reduced at the checkout, I have bought the vintage stomp pack :wink:

Thanks to Steinberg-Yamaha to drop the price I buy the plugs now

So this Yamaha stuff is of good quality modeling?

I can’t shake the feel that the Vintage Comp and 1176 inside Cubase are spun from the Yamaha stuff.

The prices are VERY fair right now imo… this is very much appreciated Steinberg! Great to have options, and demos.

There isn’t an 1176 in Cubendo - the 276 just looks like one.

I mean the “black” Vintage bundled in Cubase. The one with “4 buttons”!
It looks to have a very similar graphic design style to the Yamaha Vintage Collection.

I know the one you mean, but it still isn’t an 1176 Emulation - it just looks like one.
I*'m actually surprised they got away with the GUI as it stands.