vintage VCM plugins

Are crazy good!!! Eq, has charachter still silky. Good high angd low pass. Two different compressorm one transparent the other gives colour. Stompoxes hare excellent for mixing purposes. Love the tape bus plugin before my wave L2.
Just want to say this. Only 20 days left demoing :frowning:

and they even do have their own sub-forum…

No body read or comment there. Makes me sad.

I did. And to be honest I don’t agree with your assessment. Although they are good, there is nothing “different” about them.

I actually like the flanger, but can’t find anything unique about any of the rest of it. EQs and Compressors have been done to death and there is nothing here that stands out. Plus, they are truly stuck in the past. I’m all good on the idea of “vintage” emulations. But, lets bring them to the present.

I was really hoping for extensive routing, A/B and sidechaining capabilities across all of the plugins to really show off VST3. If they want the industry to adopt, they might want to consider putting on a show. But, all they seem to have done is make some more plug-ins. I’m probably being a bit over critical. But, for the amount of time the devs spent, and the cost, I’m pretty ambivalent towards these.

Got to agree with some of your comments there JMC - I’ve yet to trial these, but yeah, c’mon SB/Yammy, where’s the VST3 ‘goodies’…?

Emulations are just that, which is all fine and noble when done well (which I’m sure these are), but I’m with you JMC - a bit underwhelmed here, and seeing an opportunity lost. Same story with the RND Porticos, though folk do seem happy with the level of ‘engineering’ there, yet still no sidechaining (which was promised was on the ‘to-do’ list).

I mean, who’s going to make a real ‘show’ of VST3 capabilities (fully re-sizeable UI anyone, remember that…?) if its not going to be SB/Yamaha…?

I’ll offer an alternate view to this …

If you DON’T already have an investment in a broad range of EQs, Compressors and FX. These are top notch. My complaints have nothing to do with the quality of the processing.