Vinyl records Digitizing


I just buy an UR-RT2 Steinberg audio interface, It sounds great. I manage to connect my turntable to channel 1 and 2 using Neutrik rica to xls adapters, i connect then the UR to my mac using a Audioquest USB cable and for monitoring I use my Grado phones connected to the UR. I use the Cubase tutorial to record a stereo signal, I did not edit anything just record to a 192khz 24 bits flac file.Its there a guide for get the right volume, enhance dynamics, lower the noise etc ?


Technics Turntable
Steinberg UR-RT2
Macbook pro
Grado Phones


Hi and welcome,

It’s simple, always try to record as loud as possible, but without distortion.

What do you use for the RIAA filter, or has your turntable a build in RIAA filter ?
Well I guess any eq with the right setting would do.

Thanks Martin Jirsak for the advice, I will try it the weekend

Peakae I forgot, I am using an Arcam A28 integrated as a pre phono, if I record directly the volume is too low and not eq nice, is there any filter to compensate RIAA ? thanks

You are fine with that amp, no worries.
I did that many years ago with my LP collection, maybe a project to redo them again now I can afford better converters.
Happy digitizing and trip down memory lane :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you don’t record too loud. In my opinion for 24-bit audio it is good practice to leave some headroom. Some would recommend peaks at between -10 and -6dB. This gives you room to breath if you want to apply further processing. Acon Digital restoration plugins might be worth looking at for de-clicking and denoising.

Yeah. I was going to say, with 24bit, “as loud as possible” is not the norm these days as the noise floor is so low.

Hi, to add some more hopefully useful information you should consider Audacity as you program of choice. It allows the user to select part of a wave files(I.e a track off of a recorded side) and export it to a separate mp3, wave, etc file format. It also can edit the header information for your new file. After you do this for say, 75 cassettes, you can get pretty good at minimizing keystrokes. Example: I would save the whole side, bring it into RX, denoise it, save, it, bring it into Audacity, have it do gain changes, fade in and outs, etc chop it up and save each track to its own file in a directory names after the album. Worked pretty well.

Thanks Sting Ray and Sleddriver for the recommendations, Scottfafalconberry, right now this software is new to me, I will try to concentrate in Cubase and then try another ones.

If you’re connecting the turntable directly directly and not via a phono preamplifier, you need to correct the frequency response using CurveEQ (the preset is called “RIAA repro curve”).