Violin pizz. sound

How can I get a violin pizzicato sound? I inserted pizz. as expression in a violin voice, but the sound is still arco.

What sound set are you using (also which version of Dorico)?
Some sound sets (like the GM sounds with Elements) do not have a pizz. sound.

When you say “expression”, do you mean a playing technique? Adding e.g. Shift-X text that says “pizz.” isn’t sufficient for activating playback.

If you do mean a playing technique, are there other voices active on the staff with conflicting playing techniques? If so, enable independent voice playback.

Do your current sounds provide a sound for pizzicato playback at all?

In deed I meant the playing technique. I use the Halion 7 player. Does any of the violin sounds support the playing techniques ?

HALion’s Violin Solo Combi does. I expect the group violin combi sounds would as well.

What about the sounds on the IPad? Do they support the playing techniques?

If you have the in-app purchase/subscription and can use Iconica Sketch, you will hear pizzicato strings when using ensemble strings, but not solo strings.

I have a suscription on the IPad, but I need a solo violin. So it doesn’t help.
On my Mac computer Halion´s Solo Violin Combo doesn´t give a pizzicato sound. Do I have to choose a special setting in the Expression map menu?

Dorico should do this for you automatically, provided you’re allowing it to load the sounds for you rather than loading them manually in the HALion window. If you are loading the sounds manually, you will indeed need to choose the HSO Solo Violin expression map manually too.